We take great pride in providing a high quality service to our clients. Selling a home is never an easy task, which is why our team works so hard to make sure we have the best process in place to buy your home for cash quickly. As a result we’ve been fortunate enough to help some amazing people with their home selling situations.

My husband and I purchased an outdated house for our first home, with the thought of fixing the place up. After a few years of living there, we realized the place was a money pit and would cost a lot more than we thought to fix it up. We were frustrated to say the least, and couldn’t keep up with the repairs needed. We tried listing the property, but it sat on the market forever, and when the buyers did show interest, the inspections always killed all interest the buyer once had. So we reached out to Albatross Home Buyers and they bought it exactly the way it was. We didn’t have to fix one thing! It was exactly what we needed at the right time. We closed when we wanted to and we were able to purchase a nicer home that didn’t need all the repairs. Thanks to everyone at Albatross! Yall are great!


Metairie, LA

When my father passed, and left the house to all of his kids, we decided the best option was to sell and split the money. We found out about Albatross through a cousin, and decided to see what they could offer. Needless to say, we sold the house to them, and everyone was happy with their share of the sale from our childhood home. Thanks Albatross. This was already hard for us to do, but you made the process easy and fast.


Marrero, LA

My rental property started to become more of a burden than I could handle. The place was falling apart and my health did not allow me to keep up with the property. I got an agent to list the property, but we could not get it to sell. My neighbor told me about a local company that buys properties like mine, pays cash, and closes within 10 days. I called Travis at Albatross, and they did exactly that. Thanks again!

Mary Ann

New Orleans, LA

We decided to sell our house after our kids became older and moved out. All we wanted was to sell fast, so we could travel. Albatross was able to help us achieve that. Within 8 days they gave us an offer we were very happy with, and we closed on the house. On day 9, we hit the road in our RV and we’re now enjoying retirement! This is the way to go! Give these guys a call, if you’re looking for the easiest fastest way to sell your house!


Kenner, LA

Both of my parents became very ill, and could no longer take care of each other in their home without help. So, they moved in with me so I could help take care of them. We needed to sell their house, because the medical bills had piled up, and they no longer needed it. We spoke with a couple of different home buyers, but Albatross gave my parents the best cash offer. Since the house was paid off, they were able to use the money they got from the sale of their home to pay most of the medical bills. Albatross gave my parents peace of mind in a time of need. Thanks!


Harvey, LA

I had a rental property that had been flooded when hurricane Katrina hit. I had every intention on fixing it back up, and renting it out again. Time got away from me, and the place just sat there. I decided it was time to let go of the property and move on. So I contacted Albatross and they bought the property as is, and with cash. Thanks for taking this place off my hands Albatross.


New Orleans, LA

If you want to sell your home to good people, and get the most for your outdated home, then Albatross is the place to call. Thanks to the Albatross team, I was able to sell my grandmother’s home that she left me when she passed. I just had no use for it, nor the time to update it. Thanks again guys!


Gretna, LA