Our latest post details the various costs that come with a traditional home sale so that you can better understand if it’s worth your while.

Homeowners who list on the MLS with a New Orleans real estate agent are often caught off-guard by the costs associated with doing so. In this article, we will discuss the typical costs of listing your home, as well as when it makes sense to spend money on these things. We will also provide information about alternatives that might be a better fit for you!

Costs You Can Expect

Homeowners can expect numerous costs while selling a home the traditional way in New Orleans. Included in your calculations are commissions and repairs, and there can be other expenses that surpass those ones. A commission commonly amounts to 6% of the final sale price — a considerable expense on its own.

But when you factor in additional line items such as professional cleaning, marketing efforts, photography, property staging, and monthly carrying costs like taxes, utilities, and insurance coverage, it may be a better idea to sell the home quickly.

On average, additional closing costs will amount to 1-3% of your total sale price! When listing your home in New Orleans, the costs will vary depending on the property and between any potential buyers. Take some time to explore all of your selling options so you can be confident you are making the best decision.

When It Makes Sense To Spend

If only a few repairs are needed and your home is in high demand, it’s worth listing with a New Orleans real estate agent. To ensure everything goes smoothly, hire people you trust — both contractors and an agent. Paying for minimal repairs knowing you’ll get your asking price makes the decision easy. Alternatively, selling on your own or with a less experienced agent may only cost you more money in the long term.

Although it may seem like a logical decision, listing your property isn’t always the best choice. Depending on the location and the market traffic, as well as the people you’re selling it to, it may be best to consider other options. You should also understand the type of buyers you want to target when selling in New Orleans. If there is a lot of competition, or if the property requires significant repairs, you may be better off selling it directly. Some properties will sell for much more by going straight to the sale.

Alternatives To Listing Your House In New Orleans

If you’re thinking about listing your home in New Orleans, your best alternative is to sell it directly to a professional buyer. With a professional buyer, you won’t have to worry about paying for repairs, commissions, or any other closing costs that may arise.

This could mean hundreds or thousands of dollars in your pocket! Selling without an agent also has its advantages for those who don’t have time to go through the long home sale process. Sometimes people need to sell their home urgently, and in these cases, a listing may not be practical.

It’s important to remember that not every home buyer is the same, and you need to approach someone trustworthy so you can sell your house fast in New Orleans while receiving the best offer for your home.

However, when you work with Albatross Home Buyers, you can always be sure you’ll get a great price for your home, no matter its condition. We pride ourselves on offering fair prices that take into account both the current real estate market and the property’s condition. Plus, by avoiding commissions, repairs, and all of the other traditional listing fees, selling your home directly to us may save you plenty of cash — a golden opportunity!

Contact us today to learn more about our direct offer program for houses in New Orleans!