Selling your house in New Orleans’ real estate market can feel as if you’ve been running through a maze that’s littered with obstacles. Not only will the process take up your time and resources, it will also require a lot of your energy. But what if we told you that there’s actually a shortcut out of this maze?

A cash offer will lead you to a closed deal in no time. If you sell your New Orleans property to a cash home buyer, you get to skip all of the fees and paperwork from the mortgage process. A cash home buyer is the perfect partner for people who want to sell their New Orleans house fast.

So what do cash homebuyers do and what makes them the better option? To give you a better idea, we’ve compiled a quick list of FAQs on the work that cash home buyers do, so you can see if they’re the best bet for you to sell your New Orleans property to. Read on below to find out more:

What’s the difference between cash and a mortgage?

The difference is quite straightforward. A cash offer doesn’t include the lengthy mortgage process. Traditional buyers would often rely on the help of a lender to finance the transaction. A cash home buyer wouldn’t need the assistance of a middleman for their purchase. Here is a table to further itemize the differences:

Cash Mortgage
The buyer purchases the house directly from the seller The buyer would need the help of a lender to purchase the house
Doesn’t require, but recommends the appraisal of the property Requires an appraisal of the property
No additional fees Involves additional fees for the lender
Process takes around a week or two Process takes around a month

Should I get the services of a cash home buyer here in New Orleans, LA?

If a short timeline and a stress-free transaction are what you’re looking for, then you should definitely sell your house to a cash home buyer! Here are just some of the benefits of selling to an all cash offer:


    Streamlined process

    A cash offer purchase involves only the buyer and the seller. Without lenders and agents, applications, approvals, and appraisals are all taken out of the equation. You can sell your house and get your money faster with a cash home buyer.


    Less chances of delays or cancellations

    In addition to the previous point, a cash offer can also save you from any potential mishaps. For example, lenders can be fickle and picky with their buyer qualifications. The contract can also be canceled if the appraisal shows that the property’s value is less than the mortgage amount.

    Why do cash home buyers choose cash over a mortgage?

    It’s a win-win situation when you sell your New Orleans property to a cash homebuyer. From a cash home buyer’s perspective, a cash offer does more than just simplify the process. Here are some reasons why cash home buyers prefer this set up:


    It’s the cheaper option

    The involvement of a lender doesn’t only affect the timeline of the transaction. It also becomes more expensive. In addition to the lender, application, and loan origination fees, there’s also the mortgage interest. Loans come with an interest after all.


    The buyer becomes the owner

    In addition to an interest, loans also require commitment. If the buyer misses their mortgage payments, they can find themselves in a sticky situation. They can lose the property, find themselves in court, and ruin their credit report. By paying with cash, the buyer can have some peace of mind knowing that they own the property.


    The community benefits from the transaction

    The country’s economic landscape can be unstable and unpredictable. In a blink of an eye, people can find themselves in need of financial support. Cash home buyers are there to help. When people need to sell their New Orleans, LA house fast, they can get a quick and easy transaction with cash homebuyers.

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